Advantages of the SMART CAST process


The use of Smart Cast® plates benefits several bodies of state since, in addition to the shell, they facilitate the installation of electrical networks, plumbing and VMC ... and the finishes are simplified. You are ?


Where we detect a waste of time or materials, Smart Cast offers a pre-industrialization solution that allows to overcome the constraints of the site.


  • Off-site construction in a favorable production environment, independent of bad weather and construction hazards ;
  • The elimination of tasks that do not create value for our customers (stripping, sanding, leveling of ceilings, sleeving of electrical ducts); ;
  • The exploitation of the digital chain from conception to implementation ;
  • One or two teams are sufficient when preparing a floor ;
  • Repeatability of quality thanks to pre-industrialization ;
  • Reduction of the number of intervening entities in the process: less co-activity ;
  • Control of safety, health and ergonomics for the operational staff ;


smart cast rethinking the organization model of construction sites

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