: Revolutionizing Formwork with Smart Cast

News from 15 Février 2018

Blog bouygues construction com fevrier 2018

Bouygues construction is shared innovation. Small information sharing on the blog about Smart Cast technology ...

" The concept ? Industrialize and simplify the formwork of the floors. [...] It is therefore a permanent formwork [..] directly ready to paint. This process saves several steps: no need to oil plates, or to deconstruct or prepare the underside to paint.

The second innovative aspect is to have been able to print on both sides of the plates the information coming from the digital model, such as the locations of the networks, the ribs, the positions of the partitions, and to receive the plates with the reservations made. No more plans on site, everything is printed at scale 1 directly on the support. In short, Smart Cast is the association of Lean and BIM at the service of construction sites.

Finally, the Smart Cast experience is the proof that innovation also resides and especially in simple ideas coming from the teams in the field."

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