Coup de Pouce Foundation Le Roch contest - Les Mousquetaires

News from 16 Novembre 2015

Concours coup de pouce fondation le roch

The Le Roch-Les Mousquetaires Foundation organized its Coup de Pouce contest in partnership with IMT Atlantique and the Nantes Mines Endowment Fund, acting for the benefit of the Centrale - Audencia - ENSA (Architecture) alliance and all the partners of the ODYSSEE initiative.

At the end of the audition of the finalists, 3 laureates were designated by a qualified jury and rewarded at the Salon des Entrepreneurs Nantes Grand Ouest on November 3rd. The three prizes are accompanied by a global allocation of 20,000 euros to help them develop their business.

The 2nd Prize (6,000 euros) was awarded to Augustin Masurel of Smart Cast for his innovative process of permanent panel formwork

"With the Coup de Pouce Competition, our Foundation encourages entrepreneurial spirit and supports the development of these young companies. Our staffing comes at a key moment and helps us to take a decisive step in their entrepreneurial adventure" explains Maryvonne Le Roch-Nocera, administrator of the Le Roch-Les Mousquetaires Foundation.