Le moniteur - october 2016 : Smart Cast showcased

News from 21 Octobre 2016

Presse moniteur octobre 2016 smartcast a l honneur grand

The SMART CAST process is showcased in the October 2016 issue of le Moniteur.  

"Guaranteed prices. Carried out with a single 6mx6m grid, the yard used the technique of "lost formwork". Mineral panels and recycled products of 2.5 m x 1.2 m are used to produce, without dismantling, the slabs of each floor. They receive in the factory a layout that pre-draws the future location of the partitions and allows to reserve the passage of ducts. These, prefabricated, are then laid during the construction of the shell. "

Source : https://www.lemoniteur.fr/article/logirem-teste-le-dispositif-alis.1335504