Paimboeuf : 23 Lodging



project description

For this first collaboration with the Archambeau team, Smart Cast provided a complete service: design and supply of panels and fluids.

From the study of the electrical installation to the plumbing, Smart Cast has mobilized all its know-how to carry out this project.

The floors were executed by the company Archambeau, the installation of electricity by Pillet Electricité and the installation of the plumbing by Smart Cast:

Delivery of pre-wired electric octopuses
Tracing of marks and drilling of plates for the passage of electricity ducts in the factory
Delivery of pre-cased and pre-assembled hydraulic octopuses
Tracing of the plumbing duct routes and drilling of the plates in the factory to facilitate the descent into the partition
Help with the first installation on site
Telephone support
A single point of contact for ELEC, PLUMBING and PLATE studies
Start of construction at the end of September, last delivery scheduled for late November 2020.

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technical informations

Partner :
Number of housings : 23
Type : Lodging
Floor area : 1682 m2
Technical solutions : Smart Cast panel electrical and plumbing prefabrication