COLOMIERS : 46 Lodging


project description

For this first collaboration with the BOURDARIOS team, Smart Cast provided a complete service both in terms of studies and in on-site supply.

From the study of risers, through the electrical installation, to the plumbing, Smart Cast provided a complete service.

The floors were executed in their own right by the BOURDARIOS teams, a method particularly suitable with the Smart Cast process:

Delivery of pre-spun electric octopuses
Marking of marks and drilling of plates for the passage of electricity ducts in the factory
Delivery of pre-tubed and pre-assembled hydraulic octopuses
Plumbing ducts tracing and drilling of plates in the factory to facilitate the descent in partition
Help with the first installation on site
Telephone support
A single contact for ELEC, PLUMBING and PLATE studies
Start of construction in February, last delivery in June 2020.

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technical informations

Partner :
Number of housings : 46
Type : Lodging
Floor area : 3106 m2
Technical solutions : Smart Cast panel electrical and plumbing prefabrication