Heating refreshing ceiling

In partnership with Thermacome, Smart Cast is proposing a heating / cooling ceiling system for tertiary and hospital buildings and collective housing.

Plafond chauffant rafraichissant



  • Reversible system: heating / refreshing *
  • Free space: up to 5% because no more radiator
  • Energy saving :
    • Thermal inertia to exploit the heat of the day and the freshness of the night
    • Dissemination of free contributions throughout the dwelling
  • Economic (installation and operation):
    • In heating mode: the ceiling emits 80% of radiation against 50% for a floor (no losses due to furniture, flooring, etc.)
    • In cooling mode: the system is 2 times more effective in the ceiling than in the floor.
  • Comfort: soft and homogeneous temperatures
  • Radiant heat: to lower the comfort temperature by 2 ° C
  • RT2012: Combined with a cooling probe, the system complies with thermal regulations.
  • Allows pouring the slab in very cold weather (circulating hot water)

* If associated with a heat pump or a geothermal probe