hydraulic octopus

For heating and sanitary



Smart Cast has several qualified partners in France to produce hydraulic octopus. The plumbing / heating distribution using the Smart Cast process can be carried out on site, the elements can be sold retail.


  • Reactivity: parametric design of the octopus "changeable" in just in time
  • Quality: industrialized manufacturing and quality control
  • Simplicity: can be asked by the shell team thanks to the identification of the coding of the sleeves on the Smart Cast panel
  • Workmanship: pre-tubed sheath at the factory (PER red / blue - 12, 16 and 20 mm)
  • Logistics: simplified inventory management, no falls or surplus.
  • Productivity: deduction of the corrugated sheath linear (shortest path) - No refilling of booking boxes
  • Coordination: height and position of heating / sanitary equipment traced on the ceiling for the plaquiste thus ensuring a perfect coordination between the installations heating, sanitary, electrical and partitions
  • Aesthetics: no cuts on the floor coverings
  • Gain of space: nurse recessed ceiling (in a closet or cellar)
  • Maintenance: lowering of the tubes in bulkhead to final length (no connection) - In case of leakage: only the housing affected. No sneaky leaks. PER tubes easy to replace because only 1 elbow incorporated in slab and respect of the radii of curvature assured.

* except incorporations in form

Warning: the Smart Cast hydrocable octopus is not compatible with 50mm honeycomb walls. Provide Styl type partitions with 48 mm minimum rail.

The sleeves to be incorporated into the panels are delivered pre-assembled, cut to length, marked and delivered with a marking plan on the side.