New video: latest generation production machine

News from 10 Octobre 2019

Check out our latest video! Here is the latest generation production machine of Smart Cast!

It is able to load and unload automatically, plot the information on both sides and perform the necessary machining. The Smart Cast formwork panel is printed with all the information needed for a good implementation of the slab networks. It includes the paths of electricity networks, home automation, plumbing, heating, as well as the installation of partitions and electrical equipment. The pre-cutting of the custom panels from the digital building plans (BIM) also saves significant time. Formwork is associated with pre-assembled off-site networks. The set is delivered on a pallet forming the "housing kit" ready to install. The surface condition on the lower housing side also reduces finishing operations and gives the painter better working conditions. Finally, the arduousness is reduced due to the removal of the stripping operation. For more information: