Who are we ?

SMART CAST is an industrial SME at the forefront of technological innovation in the construction of residential buildings. Pioneers of the formwork panel printed and pre-cut to measure, SMART CAST is positioned today as a true integrator of fluid networks incorporated in the structure of buildings. With SMART CAST, all the networks are incorporated in the slab forming the ceiling, which is why it is called "The printed circuit of the building".

« Dear Customer, Dear Partner, How to take advantage of major technological shifts such as BIM and robotics to raise the overall performance level of our projects? This is the answer to which Smart Cast responds by developing a formwork and integration solution for slab networks that is simple, reliable and economical to optimize all phases of construction of your reinforced concrete floors. Since the first day, our entire team is mobilized towards the same goal: to bring you the products and services that will make you gain in performance! Augustin Masurel, founder Smart Cast »


For general contractors and their subcontractors, SMART CAST generates savings through a total cost approach. Indeed, our technology allows a single, versatile team to master all the stages of making a slab integrating networks: formwork, feraillage, laying prefa networks, casting ... For developers, SMART CAST technology allows to customize housing plans "just in time" without disrupting coordination on the site. Our unique industrial process using digital and parametric data gives the buyer the power to move into the home that meets his expectations. For the companions who work daily for the common good are added the numerous native advantages of the SMART CAST process: Safety, Ergonomics, quality control, elimination of the hazards of building sites and control of the planning.

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